Quora is among the 150 most popular sites in the world

Quora could be a great option for you if you want to boost your career. Quora is among the 150 most popular sites in the world. Around 300 million people use Quora in a month. Approximately 3,000 to 5,000 questions are posted every day. Q&A sites are a great medium if anyone wants to either learn or help other people in learning. Quora is a great platform that’s enhancing the knowledge of people all around the world. It not only helps you spread the knowledge you have but also helps in building a personal brand as well.

The job market is evolving worldwide and new jobs are being created. Recruiters are using social media to search for potential candidates. By going through social media profiles of candidates they are able to learn more about them, their skills like conceptual and communication skills, hobbies, and personal beliefs, etc. In this way using Quora to promote your career is a great option that complements using LinkedIn and Facebook.

Start with your profile

Of course, the first thing you need to do is create a profile on Quora. It allows you to sign up your own email or with your Facebook, Twitter or Google account. So log in and upload a nice profile picture. When people will view your answers they will most likely visit your profile page and if you want to impress them and make them trust your answers your profile page needs to appear authentic.

Pick some topics related to your field and interest. Only pick those topics about which you wish to learn or answer questions. Then, fill out your bio and add a description, include some lines about yourself i.e. your job responsibilities, expertise, hobbies, etc. Your answers get credibility if you tell people who you are.

Start Answering Questions

Once your profile is ready you can begin answering questions. Choose questions from the list that are related to your field and answering them would show your expertise. Find questions by using keywords, for example, if you are a marketing manager, enter marketing on the search bar and you will find many questions related to it. See if you could find a question that has not been answered yet or the one that only has few answers. Also, answer the questions with the huge number of upvotes, upvotes mean that the question has been viewed by a lot of people.

Give your best while answering questions, be specific, focused and don’t use too many paragraphs. If you could provide the entire answer in a few lines you will come off as an expert.

Invite your Networks

When you log in through Facebook or Twitter, Quora suggests some followers based on your friend list. You can invite those people to follow you who already know you and can vouch for your skills and expertise.

Follow Co-workers and Company Executives

Start following your co-workers and they will follow you back. Engage with them in technical conversations and give feedback to their answers and also ask them to give feedback to your answers, it will help you get upvotes from the experts of the field you work in. Also, find out more about the companies you wish to work with, identify their key players, it’s very likely that the CEO, executive managers, and the recruiting managers will be active members of Quora. Follow them, review their profile and bios, and post about the topics they are interested in.

Create a Blog

You can create a separate Blog on Quora. It can play a vital role in your image building. Through your blog, you would be able to reach a larger audience, more specifically the targeted audience. Write quality content in a conversational tone and also use images, as blogs with images attract more viewers.

If you can become a top Quora writer and have a decent number of fans following you, it could be really beneficial for your professional career. It’s a great platform for IT experts, marketing experts, and experts of other fields to build a professional image.