successful curriculum vitae
Successful job application process.

If you are unable to get a good job, this does not mean that the fault is in your talent or skills, it could be because of your Curriculum vitae. A CV is as important as the job interview or even more because it comes up as your first impression to the HR managers. If it’s not good they wouldn’t even think twice about giving you the job it doesn’t matter how good your skills are.

Tips for writing an excellent CV

Follow this 5 important advices when it comes to write your CV:

1.- Keep it simple

Your CV must be easy to read and understand. You must design it in a way that makes the employer read it more and more. You shouldn’t come off as a show-off person, keep it simpler, shorter and straightforward. By keeping your CV precise you would be able to impress the employer.

2.- Keep it real

Write only the truth, your lies won’t help you in the long run. When people finally get the chance to apply for their dream job, they tend to include false skills and write misleading information. A good company will always verify your credentials, and if your lie is caught you will have to pay for it.

3.- Tailor your CV

It’s very important if you want your CV to be noticed by the hiring managers. Get all the information about the company and the job; tailor your CV according to the job requirements. Highlight your skills and experience that they want.

4.- Make it look good

If your CV looks good it is more likely that the employer will read it completely. By making it appear good you make it more attractive and improve its standard.

If you don’t have any knowledge about designing the CV the best thing would be to use a template. You can find a good amount of CV templates on the internet, just pick the right one. It is also advisable to include a photo.

A good site for download free templates can be found at Free CV Template Builder.

Another free resource that you can use is this Infographics Maker for Resumes.

5.- Keep it up-to-date

If you use an old CV it will look unprofessional. You should regularly update your CV, update your skills and experience and write more things relevant to the job you are applying for.

What to include in the CV?

Dozens of people apply for a job then why should the HR managers hire you especially if you have less experience than others. They won’t unless you could impress them with your CV. Here are some important things that you must include in the CV if you want to be noticed:

  • Skills
    This is a part of your CV where you should be precise. Write every skill that they have required for the job or even more. Write all your soft skills and hard skills.
  • Summary
    Employers just spend 8 seconds on a CV at average. So it is good to add a great professional summary that describes your strengths and goals and shows your interest in the job.
  • Keywords
    Use the keywords that match the job description. All the keywords must be in relation to the requirements for the job.